Did you know that there is an FDA approved non-invasive alternative?

avoid bypass surgery, angioplasty, stents


Learn about a treatment that can provide relief from the disabling pain of angina – without the risks or costs of surgery and without the need to be admitted.

FDA and NHS Approved FDA
Approved by F.D.A. (U.S.A.) and N.H.S. (U.K.), EECP® (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) Therapy doesn’t require any invasive procedures. It is performed in 35 one-hour sessions, once or twice a day – and you can go home or to work immediately after each one.

Patients say that EECP® Therapy is comfortable.

In fact, they sometimes read, listen to music or even fall asleep during treatment. Many will tell you that EECP® Therapy has changed their lives for the better.

What can Hridaya Care's specialized EECP therapy course do for you?

  • Reduce or end your chest pain
  • Decrease your need for medication
  • Improve ejection fraction
  • Improve cardiac output
  • Acutely improve peripheral endothelial function (in patients with advanced CAD)
  • Greatly increase myocardial perfusion by way of facilitating multiple natural bypasses (through arteriogenesis and angiogenesis)
  • Enlarge existing collaterals (smaller arteries)
  • Substantially increase renal circulation
  • Increase blood flow to the liver, pancreas and brain
  • Raise your stamina level
  • Relieve shortness of breath
  • Improve your ability to enjoy a more active lifestyle
  • Reduce effects of erectile dysfunction
  • Significantly improve blood circulation to all organs
Dr. Gopalakrishnan with a patient
Dr. Gopalakrishnan A. Pillai with a patient undergoing the Hridaya Care's specialized EECP® Therapy course

And above all:

  • There is absolutely no extra medication (in fact the dosages of your existing medicines can come down significantly)
  • There will be absolutely no invasion - no incisions, needles or surgeries
  • Pre and post tests are done to know scientifically exactly how much the patient has been benefited.


The Hridaya Care advantage

  • All EECP patients are under the direct supervision of Dr. Gopalakrishnan A. Pillai M.D., Ph.D (Cardiovascular surgery) who has over 27 years of cardiology and cardiac surgery experience
  • All our nurses and technicians are exclusively trained in the best medical care practices
  • All medical equipment used by us is normally imported from the USA, is state-of-art and conforms to the highest international standards
  • Being situated in a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of busy life, all our patients and visitors become positively relaxed
  • We strive to provide to each and every need of our patients and always maintain a homely, family atmosphere at our institute
  • We follow a strict scientific approach to any form of treatment. Each and every day of the therapy is documented as per the guidelines of the international EECP patients registry (Founded by the University of Pittsburgh Medical centre)

Above: Video of a Hridaya Care Patient talking about his experience with EECP Therapy
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The Hridaya Care specialized EECP® course is an all inclusive package which includes in its price the following:

  • Pre therapy - cardiac thallium scan (At any BARC accredited hospital)
  • Frequent one-on-one consultations with Dr. Gopalakrishnan A. Pillai M.D., Ph.D (Cardiovascular surgery)
  • Frequent blood tests for LDL, HDL, Serum creatine, TGL, FBS, PPGS and any other variables the doctor sees necessary
  • Tread mill tests (if advised)
  • Echo cardiogram (if advised)
  • Post therapy - cardiac thallium scan
  • Consultation with an Ayurveda doctor (if advised)


To know if you qualify for the Hridaya Care Specialized EECP® Therapy Course, please contact us:
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(08:00 to 23:00 hours IST. International callers:+91-484-4015656 )
Resul inaugurating EECP Therapy Services at Hridaya Care Resul Pookutty


How does EECP work?

Low-Risk Treatment for Angina

A low-risk treatment for angina, EECP® Therapy gently but firmly compresses the vasculature of the legs to increase the blood flow to the heart, ultimately reducing or eliminating chest pain. Usually triggered by physical exertion or emotional stress, angina occurs when the heart muscle needs more oxygen than is available from the blood supply nourishing the heart. This usually happens because narrowed or blocked arteries  restrict the flow of blood.

Paient on the EECP machine

Above: Photo of a patient on the EECP® Machine
Image source:  VasoMedical Inc., New York, U.S.A.

 Above : Video on how EECP helps heart patients (Duration - 1m36s)
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No Recovery Time or Pain

For suitable candidates, EECP® Therapy can relieve angina without surgery and hospitalisation or the associated pain and recovery time. During treatment, patients lie on a comfortable padded bed in which sets of electronically controlled inflation and deflation valves are located.

Inflation system of the EECP machine

These valves are connected to specially designed adjustable cuffs that are wrapped firmly, but comfortably, around the patient’s calves, lower thighs, and upper thighs, including the buttocks. The cuffs are inflated sequentially and rapidly from the calves toward the upper thighs while the heart is in its resting phase, and deflated just before the heart beats. The result is an increased supply of blood to the heart muscle and a reduction in the heart’s workload.

Active Again

EECP® Therapy can reduce or eliminate the frequency and intensity of chest pain and minimize or remove the need for angina medication. People who have received EECP® Therapy report an overall improvement in the quality of their lives. After treatment, patients are usually able to enjoy everyday activities, which frequently include moderate exercise, walking, gardening and travelling.

A Non-invasive Natural Bypass

Numerous studies indicate that EECP® Therapy facilitates blood flow to the heart muscle in spite of blocked arteries. When EECP® Therapy increases blood flow to the heart, studies have shown that this opens and expands networks of small blood vessels within the heart called collaterals. These channels can create multiple “natural bypasses” around clogged arteries, boosting blood supply to oxygen-deprived areas of the heart.

Research Studies

External Counter Pulsation was invented at Harvard Medical School, and was further developed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by VasoMedical, Inc. under patent as the EECP® system. It has been tested in various prestigious Medical Centres in the U.S.A., Europe and Australia through controlled clinical studies, with positive medical results and demonstrated quality of life improvement.

Researchers at the Health Sciences Center at the State University of New York at Stony Brook began clinical studies of EECP® Therapy in 1989. More than three thousand patients have been studied, and results have been presented at national cardiology meetings and in the American Journal of Cardiology. These studies demonstrated that benefits of EECP® Therapy are maintained for at least five years following a full course of treatment. The studies also demonstrated statistically significant improvements in physical activity and quality of life of the patients. In all there have been over 600 publications by doctors in various scientific journals including the American Journal of Cardiology with statistics clearly demonstrating the benefits of EECP® Therapy in a large number of patients.

Will angiography or stress thallium show improvement?

The blood flow of the heart muscles is not proportionate to the degree of narrowing in a coronary artery.  Angiography is done to see the narrowing in only large coronary vessels. It is extremely suitable to identify stenosis, which is essential for angioplasty and bypass surgery. However angiography cannot visualize small arteries like arterioles and capillaries and cannot assess overall blood flow in a particular area of the heart. For this purpose stress thallium and/or cardiovascular cartography are required. Improvement with EECP® Therapy can be seen through stress thallium tests before and after the procedure.

comparison of thallium scan - pre and post EECP
Figure above: Markedly improved anteroseptal and interior wall perfusion in post EECP® stress thallium scintigram
Image source: Dr.Lawson & Dr.Hui JC
“The American Journal of Cardiology”.2000;15(11):pages 629-636

Is EECP® Therapy possible after angioplasty or bypass surgery?

Yes, EECP® can be done after angioplasty or bypass surgery, especially when the symptoms recur or when the results of these procedures are inadequate. EECP® Therapy is in fact highly recommended for such patients to further improve their life-span and to bring their bodies as close to optimum health as possible.

Are there any precautions while receiving EECP?

EECP® Therapy is not suitable for all heart patients. The suitability can be determined only by an experienced cardiologist/cardiac surgeon who has enough experience and knowledge in EECP® Therapy. The therapy should always be performed only at a centre having such a qualified doctor after he has studied all the available medical records of the patient.  However, if the patient is suitable for EECP® Therapy, there are no known risks and/or side-effects.

Are there any long term benefits?

Yes, data from the International EECP® Patient Registry (IEPR) by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Public Health, U.S.A. suggest that the reduction in angina following EECP® treatment is frequently sustained for at least 2 years following treatment. Patient follow up in many of these studies suggest that benefits of EECP® Therapy persist for more than 5 years.

Are there any other benefits of EECP® Therapy?

Yes, the heart is not the only organ which benefits from counter-pulsation. Organs like the liver, kidneys, pancreas and also the brain get an increased blood flow and oxygenation during the course of treatment. This improves their function and increases their healthy longevity. Studies have also confirmed a substantial reduction of erectile dysfunction following EECP® therapy.

Are there other EECP® Therapy centers?

Yes,  at present there are over 3000 EECP® centers in the U.S.A. In India there are around 15 centers providing this treatment including two machines at Escorts Heart institute and Research Centre in New Delhi and one at Medanta, Gurgaon.

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